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Roleplay rules

Post by Pugs. on Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:30 pm

Follow these rules or your roleplay topic may be locked.

Here on Dinobin, we have a roleplay section. Please read the bold rules!

You may not display heavy gore. Roleplayer 1 has a wrong statement: "The kitten got bit by the dog, leaving a huge sore with blood oozing out." Roleplayer 2 has the right statement. "The kitten got nipped by the dog, leaving a small scar and no bleeding behind."

Try the best you can to follow the roleplay's rules. If it says no mating, it means no mating!

Dinobin does not allow more than 5 roleplays made by the same person. If you want to change a roleplay, ask the mods to lock it by changing the title to "Mods, please lock!" or any of the sort.

Please don't make roleplays about stupid things. like "The emoji RP" and all you do is this: " alien  cheers  Basketball  cherry  santa  farao  rendeer  rabbit  pig " It is considered spam and not allowed on Dinobin.

Roleplays not following these rules will be locked.
And remember, more rules may be added, so make sure you read them if updated!

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